TMNT: Shredder's Revenge - "Retro beat 'em ups are back with a vengeance"


With its retro pixel art and soundtrack from Tee Lopes bringing all the old-school vibes, is it worth travelling back in time to dive into it, or should you get your dose of nostalgia elsewhere?

Perfect Grind - "Radical tricks at the flick of a wrist"

Skateboarding represents a type of energy and freedom that many people aspire to feel.

Resonance of the Ocean - "Short game, lasting questions"

Quality over quantity is easier said than done when it comes to video games, and Resonance of the Ocean’s valiant effort to do just that is, in a nutshell, admirable.

FUR Squadron - "Leading a squad of fuzzy fighters in space!"

A wise quote once claimed space to be the final frontier, yet it is still only the beginning of video games.

Afterplace - "Finally, a place for after"

The universe hides more secrets than we could even fathom and more space than we could ever hope to explore.

Vampire Survivors Mobile - "Endless hordes attack your fingertips"

When it comes to creating solid mobile titles, simplicity is key. Vampire Survivors, a game that mastered this on PC, brings its mayhem to the phone thanks to Poncle.

Reigns: Three Kingdoms - "Swiping to unite China again and again"

I never thought I’d see the day when Zhang Jiao would call me a dolt, but here we are – Devolver Digital’s Reigns: Three Kingdoms is a strategy card game that builds upon its insanely successful predecessors to bring players a fresh experience, this time set in the Han dynasty.